Prostatism (Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia or BPH) Treatment


Prostatitis, which is inflammation or possible infection of the prostate gland, is one of the most common urologic diagnoses in men with an estimated lifetime incidence of over 50%. Some experts believe that up to 10% of all men are currently symptomatic (The Prostatitis Foundation). The disease can either be an active or a chronic process and is often very challenging to treat. We here at Pikes Peak Urology have decades of combined experience in treating this complicated yet common medical condition.

An enlarged prostate (or benign prostatic hyperplasia, or BPH) is a common problem affecting men as they age. This is the process of benign growth or swelling of the prostate over time. The stream of urine passes through the prostate so as the prostate grows, it causes obstruction of the urinary flow. The resulting symptoms are typically slow urinary flow, urinary dribbling after urination, increased urinary frequency, feelings of incomplete bladder emptying  progressing to getting up at night to use the restroom, significant urinary urgency and possibly urinary incontinence or even the inability to void. There are numerous medical and surgical therapies available to treat this problem.

The medical treatments we employ for an enlarged prostate include the use of alpha-blockers which are effective in reducing mild to moderate urinary symptoms and allowing patients to void more easily. These medications typically help relax the muscular portion of the prostate which then allows easier voiding and more complete bladder emptying with less urinary frequency and risk of infection. We also use medicines that can reduce the overall size of the prostate and allow more effective urination. These medicines have the fortunate side effect of occasional hair growth in men. However, medicines are not permanent solutions as the disease continues to progress with time eventually resulting in men who are no longer helped by medications.

The surgical therapies we employed at Pikes Peak Urology include all of the newest technology including the Button Vaporizing electrode as well as the 980nm laser ablation of the prostate. We have greater than 1000 cases of combined experience with laser ablation as well as extensive experience with the Button electrode.

In cases of extreme prostatic enlargement, we employ open and robotic techniques to remove the benign part of the prostate leaving the remainder of the gland, thus reducing the risk of incontinence or other postoperative problems.

We are well equipped to help with any patient’s needs regarding an enlarged prostate or inflammation of the prostate gland. We are happy to discuss any of these treatment options with you. Please contact us to schedule a consultation with any of our physicians regarding medical or surgical therapies for treatment of either a enlarged prostate or an inflamed or infected gland.

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