Testosterone Therapy for Low T (Hypogonadism)


Hypogonadism (also known as Low T or low serum testosterone levels) is a common urologic condition affecting an estimated 39% of men over 45 years old. Further, testosterone levels are known to decrease with aging. In addition to the expected negative sexual side effects such as poor erections and low libido, numerous non-sexual symptoms such as increased body fat, low energy and depression can be associated with low testosterone levels.

Returning testosterone levels to normal levels through medication is not without its own problems though and should only be considered after a thorough medical history and physical examination by a physician specializing in testoserone therapy in Colorado Springs. This type of hormone replacement has been associated with an increase risk of cardiac diseases, liver diseases, difficulty sleeping, mood changes to name a few.


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How do you know if you have low testosterone? How successful is medical treatment? Is treatment covered by insurance? Is the first consultation free of charge? Colorado Springs urologist, Henry Rosevear, MD, answers these common questions people have about low testosterone:



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