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Infertility is a common problem affecting up to 40% of couples attempting pregnancy. In approximately one-third of cases, a male factor is at least partially responsible. At Pike’s Peak Urology, we have extensive experience in a range of diagnostic and therapeutic techniques male factor infertility treatment in Colorado Springs.

We maintain a close partnership with Dr. Eric Silverstein, a reproductive endocrinology clinic in Colorado Springs (The Fertility Center of Colorado) and have, at our disposal, all of the advanced infertility treatment techniques available:

  • Colorado Springs IVF in vitro fertilization treatment
  • ICSI and in-utero insemination treatment

We also offer testicular biopsy, sperm extraction, and vasectomy reversal when appropriate.

We are able to aid couples with fertility challenges in many different ways with our extensive experience. Please contact us to schedule a consultation regarding diagnosis and treatment of infertility in Colorado Springs.

Resources for Infertility in Colorado Springs

If you would like to inquire about specific procedures and techniques regarding treatment for infertility in Colorado Springs, contact us today at (719) 531-7007.

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